Global VSAT Solutions


Global VSAT Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the satellite VSAT industry, OptiStreams remains committed to providing reliable, scalable, customized communications for a variety of industries, including: state/local government, agriculture, construction, mining and more.

Working with our best of class partners, OptiStreams brings innovative, secure and reliable communications solutions that are unrivaled in terms of quality of services, support and redundancy. Over 20 satellites and a team of global partners enables us to confidently deploy and support your projects and operations virtually anywhere.

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about us

OptiStreams is a comprehensive communications solution provider and innovator, with a specialty in instant communications infrastructure, emergency/first response solutions and cybersecurity. With over 21 years in the satellite communications industry, our pioneering spirit remains strong as we constantly seek out new frontiers to connect our global communities through flexible, reliable, creative technologies.