Fortify Your Networks - and Your Leadership - With The Ultimate Security

Powerful, effective leadership demands tools to secure the enterprise or agency. When it comes to data integrity, you need unmatched digital-asset assurance, which begins with unrivaled visibility and granular control. This is why we developed NetMunity™, the M.O.S.E.S.® platform complete cybersecurity solution. With the ultimate in network performance, visibility and enterprise-grade capabilities, NetMunity™’s patented kernel level controller, and AI-created enterprise-wide security profiles, preempt both known and unknown threats, enabling unparalleled assurance and visibility of digital network and information assets.

Developed from the ground up, and U.S. Government tested, the NetMunity™ architecture is based on a unique understanding of how genuine cybersecurity is created. Based on the actual needs and challenges our customers are facing around the world, NetMunity™ has not only revolutionized cybersecurity technology, but is also technologically compliant with NIST and flag state regulations.

NetMunity™ includes Enterprise-class Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) network access control. Because SOAR is built into the NetMunity™ platform (inside-out security), only those authorized to use network resources can obtain access. NetMunity™’s next-generation AI-Controller ensures nothing unknown can run or even access network and computing resources, effectively ending the game with all external and insider threats.

NetMunity™ is the only patented 100% effective, 100X performance, secure communications platform, fully managed from a single dashboard.

From Unrivaled Visibility to Granular Controls

Unlike typical widely used legacy checkpoint cybersecurity solutions available today, which have consistently failed, NetMunity™ delivers genuine cybersecurity.  Only authorized users and processes can access NetMunity™ protected network resources.  With SOAR network access controls built into the platform, NetMunity™’s next-generation, kernel-level secure controller ensures that all processes are fully mediated, and COS controlled.   NetMunity™’s unrivaled visibility means that every process is mediated and reported in real-time.  This means that every connected device, user and endpoint is identified and located 24/7. With granular COS controls and AI-created, enterprise-wide security profiles, global networks can be fully managed from a single dashboard.

M.O.S.E.S.®, with NetMunity™, brings an unbeatable combination of secure, mobile communications for a variety of applications and industries.




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OptiStreams is a comprehensive communications solution provider and innovator, with a specialty in instant communications infrastructure, emergency/first response solutions and cybersecurity. With over 21 years in the satellite communications industry, our pioneering spirit remains strong as we constantly seek out new frontiers to connect our global communities through flexible, reliable, creative technologies.