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The landscape of our recent disaster environment has been rearranged in unimaginable ways. The western United States forest fires have demonstrated that no infrastructure is safe, not even cell towers.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of cellular towers have been destroyed, cutting off first responder teams, disaster victims and survivors from communicating. The number of devices needing to be connected is sky high and ever growing. The good news is, new technologies are constantly emerging and OptiStreams is proud to be among innovative companies dedicated to closing the communications gap, no matter the environmental conditions.

OptiStreams’ flagship product M.O.S.E.S.® (Mobile Operations Satellite Emergency System) is a trailer based, infrastructure-independent communications center with multi-carrier, integrated cellular access technology and industry-leading mobile backhaul services.  This solution provides quick and easy scalable connectivity across the most challenging terrains. Further, flexibility in service continuity plans, features, and upgrades, such as multicast content delivery and 5G integration, makes M.O.S.ES.® a key, long-term asset for any agency or application that demands uninterrupted, secure connectivity.

Additional benefits of M.O.S.E.S® backhaul services:

  • Continuity, out-of-band management and failover services.
  • Optimized space segment.
  • IPSEC over satellite enabled.
  • Enterprise-grade cybersecurity built in.
  • Trunking services to safely connect local and mobile networks to the internet backbone or the mobile core.
  • Reduce back haul load and save time and money with multicast and localized content capabilities close to the edge.
  • Meet/support Service Level Agreements

Our backhaul services are supported by around-the-clock, dedicated technical experts; comprehensive network visibility; and state-of-the-art tools to monitor and inform key personnel of noteworthy trends and/or incidents.  Full network design, management and consultation services are available.


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OptiStreams is a comprehensive communications solution provider and innovator, with a specialty in instant communications infrastructure, emergency/first response solutions and cybersecurity. With over 21 years in the satellite communications industry, our pioneering spirit remains strong as we constantly seek out new frontiers to connect our global communities through flexible, reliable, creative technologies.