About Us


About Us


OptiStreams is a 21-year old, woman-owned, California-based company that specializes in secure “instant infrastructure” and emergency communications technology.

Optistreams launched in 2000 specializing in internet connectivity to rural California schools.  It pioneered market introduction for both fixed and mobile 2-way satellite connectivity, beginning with projects for the AOL Foundation and California’s Project GoldenNet bringing internet to rural kids in disadvantaged areas of the US and quickly spreading to thousands of education, government, and business locations throughout the US with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and commercial site requests.

Like many innovative tech companies, Optistreams responded to a critical technology need and focused its resources on emergency communications.  After interviewing US Military personnel  from the field who were challenged by communications in Iraq and Afghanistan; First responders in the aftermath of multiple hurricanes; and California firefighters after numerous wildfires burned down communication infrastructure, Optistreams engineered M.O.S.E.S.® (Mobile Operations Satellite Emergency System).

M.O.S.E.S.® is an infrastructure independent solution to bridge the communications gaps that occur between disasters causing breakdowns in communication infrastructure and full-scale relief efforts.

The OptiStreams leadership team brings vast experience in innovation, technical foresight, and pioneering new solutions drawing on backgrounds that include:  entrepreneurship, technology innovation and complex problem solving, disaster services, business process engineering, and over 30 years of aerospace program, procurement, and manufacturing experience.


A Memorable Start.

OptiStreams’ very first project was to provide Internet access for a mobile classroom called The Blake Space Shuttle, a quarter-scale replica of the NASA space shuttle Challenger, that was created by Mack Trucks and the Parkland School District 20 years ago as a learning tool for students.  At the time, “mobile” satellite technology was not a readily available product line, so OptiStreams engineered an innovative solution that enabled connectivity for this creative science lab to travel around and bring memorable science experiences to students throughout the state.


This same innovating spirit has continued to drive our product and service offerings for the past 22 years.


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about us

OptiStreams is a comprehensive communications solution provider and innovator, with a specialty in instant communications infrastructure, emergency/first response solutions and cybersecurity. With over 21 years in the satellite communications industry, our pioneering spirit remains strong as we constantly seek out new frontiers to connect our global communities through flexible, reliable, creative technologies.