Public Safety Solutions

Emergency Communications by Satellite

Satellite emergency communications systems are not affected by any local conditions like hurricane, tornado, flooding, accidental cable cut, or any other man-made or natural event. As long as you have a clear view of the Southern sky, a satellite based emergency communications system will always be functional and meets all Federal and States requirements for fully interoprable emergency communications equipment.

Reliable broadband data, voice, and video are all possible under even the most extreme emergency conditions with emergency satellite communications. Mobil Satellite Technologies is an authorized dealer for more of the worlds satellite communications brands than anybody, including satellite telephone, BGAN, and VSAT antennas for land and on the water. Whatever the mission, we have an emergency satellite commuincations solution that will get the job done.

Vehicle-mounted mobile satelite communications systems

Optistreams is an authorized dealer for every major national brand of mobile satellite Internet antennas, so we are sure to have an antenna that fits your vehicle and your budget. All systems operate with the touch of a single button, and deliver high quality broadband wherever you are, and whatever the mission.

Emergency communications trailers

With a full line of Emergency Communications trailers from small, open-bed models up to 20′ models with inside workstations built to customer specs. Optistreams can customize a trailer for your specific needs, with features like high-speed voice, data, and video, gas or diesel generator, mast systems with WiFi access point, scene lighting, security cameras, antenna mounts, inside storage, and much more.

Flyaway satellite Internet systems

Portable and Flyaway VSAT systems come in all shapes and sizes. The smaller systems stow completely in one case, larger flyaway satellite systems have multi-panel detachable carbon fiber and composite reflectors, and each case is normally airline checkable. We carry a complete line of Ka-Band and Ku-band portable and Flyaway antennas from every national manufacturer, just let us know your specific requirements and we will have a portable flyaway satellite antenna for you.

VoIP Phone service over Satellite

Optimized for use over satellite, our VoIP phone service delivers toll-grade call quality over our iDirect network, along with a local or toll free 800 phone number that never changes. Our VoIP satellite phone service includes unlimited local and long distance calling, and can be used with fixed or mobile antenna systems. Let our experienced engineers help you design a complete VoIP phone system or solution for your mobile command post or Emergency Operations Center.

BGAN Terminals

Great because of their size, you can connact any laptop, tablet, or smartphone to a BGAN terminal and have high speed satellite Internet from anywhere in the world. These lightweight terminals can be carried in a laptop bag, but set up in just a few minutes without any special training. These BGAN systems are more expensive to use than the vehicle mounted mobile VSAT systems, but deliver broadband up to 492Kbps within just minutes, and are as small and portable as 6 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ x 2″, and weigh as little as 3.1 lbs.

In-Motion satellite Internet

These auto-tracking satellite Internet antennas work whenever a vehicle is in motion or stopped, providing satellite broadband wherever you travel. These auto-tracking terminals acquire the satellite within just a minute after power-up, and remain online until you shut them off. These in-motion satellite systems also use the BGAN network, so they do have limits on datathroughput (492Kbps) and are much more expensive to use than vehicle mounted VSAT systems or Flyaway VSAT systems. If you do need satellite Internet connectivity while on the move (Comms On The Move, or COTM), then these in-motion BGANs are the units for you.

Satellite Phones

We are also able to provision for Globalstar, Iridium, and Inmarsat, making us a one-stop shop for satellite service and satellite phones and WiFi Hotspots from every manufacturer. You can purchase and activate any satellite phone or device at Optistreams, and enjoy voice and low-speed data service anywhere in the world. Satellite phones are great when used as an emergency backup, or a primary means of communication in remote areas. We also have fixed satellite phones, which can be mounted on the roof and provide dial tone inside to any phone or PBX.

Semi-Fixed Self pointing

These economically priced, semi-fixed VSAT antennas automatically aim themselves at the satellite, allowing them to be installed without the expense of a having a trained technician onsite. The antenna can be mounted on a pole or a non-penetrating roof mount , then simply point the antenna generally South and push a button. Used in Construction, Energy, and disaster recovery, these antennas alsao have the ability to re-point themselves if they are ever bumped out of alignment or if there is a seismic event.

Fixed Satellite

Fixed satellite systems are used in emergency communications, when the cellular towers are down or overloaded, when the fiber of copper data lines have been compromised, or when there is a complete blackout and no other Internet service is working, a fixed satellite dish will deliver the high speed data, voice, video, and VoIP that you need for emergency oprations. Optistreams offers Occasional Use service plans, which have a very low annual maintenance fee and then only charge for any usage. No usage = no bill, making it perfect for a backup system.