Fixed Broadband VSAT Satellite Hardware

Satellite Antenna Mounting Hardware:

There are three basic mount types

  • Non-Penetrating Roof Mount (for flat roofs or saddle mount for peaked roofs)
  • Pole Mount
  • Tri-mast Universal Mount (Not available for 1.2 meter or larger antennas)

Non penetrating roof mounts are used when mounting fixed satellite antennas to commercial rooftops, as they allow permanent mounting without any holes being made in the roof. The mount is ballasted with a sufficient amount of concrete bricks to provide wind resistance up to 85 mph to 110 mph.

Pole mounts utilize a length of schedule 40 steel water pipe buried at least three feet in the ground, with the hole filled in with concrete. Special care is taken to assure that the pole does not rotate in the concrete, when done properly pole mounts are among the most stable mounts possible.

Fixed VSAT Hardware Inquiry

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Tri-mast fixed satellite antenna mounts are only used for antennas up to one meter, larger antennas simply have too much weight and too much potential wind load for this type of mount. Tri-mast mounts are noted for their versatility, as they can be used on either a horizontal, vertical, or sloped surface.