Satellite Communications Solutions For Oil & Gas Applications

The Oil & Gas industry counts on reliable communications for optimal operations. Whether you’re an exploration team, operating a petroleum tanker fleet, installing or monitoring pipeline operations, gas plants or oil refineries; your remote offices, drilling crews and off-shore operations staff will need effective telephone, Internet and SCADA/M2M communications.

Oil & Gas Solutions

Vehicle Mounted Solutions

Optistreams offers a complete range of mobile satellite dishes that will fit almost any requirement.

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Case Mounted Sytems

All of our Flyaway systems are easily moved and are deployable within minutes.

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Communication Trailers

Our M.O.S.E.S. the perfect fit for providing internet and voice at any location

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Optistreams iDirect Network provide toll grade quality communication.

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Fixed Solutions

Our line of fixed dished have been tested in the most hazardous environments.

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Monthly rentals with a range of service options

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Satellite Phones

Works when cellular fails and has evolved to work with your smart phone for texting, email and low speed internet.

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