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Internet Home: from anywhere you want

Only satellite internet lets you connect from home or wherever you are, with the performance level you want.  Exede offers download speeds of 2 to 25 Mbps depending on which bundle you choose. Its simplicity and versatility make it the ideal choice for internet in the home.

Internet for the home? Exede Home

Optistreamst has selected Exede Home as its service for internet in the home for America. It offers speeds of up to 25Mbps, so you can email, post on Facebook, stream your favourite movie or even work from home. Choose the best option for you from the variety of packages.

Boost your connection with Exede

Is your ADSL connection slow or expensive? With Exede ™ you can browse faster and spend less, AND only use it when you want!

Exede: Satellite internet in America

Satellite internet in America goes by the name of Exede. Offering 22 Mbps wherever you are, it’s clear why it is the most popular solution both for individuals and companies.
In areas without ADSL, it is the only reliable option. In areas without fibre, it is the only service that offers similar performances. Elsewhere, Exede often offers the best price / performance service. Like to know more?

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