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Connectivity for the energy world

Satellite connectivity revolutionizes the world of energy.
Often installations for the production of energy from renewable sources(FER) are based in remote locations, which do not offer traditional internet access. Nevertheless remote access to these plants is fundamental not only to check production data but also to monitor the security situation there.
The PowerNow service from Optistreams uses satellite technology to achieve this.
from $65.00 per month


Overcomes obvious limits in coverage, bandwidth and stability imposed by technologies such as GSM. Using satellite, internet is accessible wherever you are.


With satellite, we can offer direct data links, which are stable and active 24/7 to ensure you have uninterrupted connectivity.


We offer a free public IP address that allows you to connect and remotely monitor your devices located in different places.


Get access quickly. Fast Installation and Shipment of kits . After the kit is installed, the service is’ immediately available.

Connectivity for:

  • Telemetry: remote measuring of system variables and parameters.
  • Remote control: make changes to plant status from wherever you are.
  • Monitoring: continuous reporting of the operating parameters of the system and
    simulataneous signaling of events, alarms or critical situations.
  • Data logging: periodic reporting and storage of operating
    parameters from onsite or elsewhere.
  • Videosurveillance: distance monitoring of plants covering a wide area or in remote locations.

Some of our customers

Feedback from our customers

Ongoing support, seriousness, ability!

The Optistreams team worked with enthusiasm and professionalism. They demonstrated particular skills in solving the problems related to the lack of wired and radio connectivity typical in most of our plants.


Project Manager, Solar Power

Constantly monitored and supervised!

We were able to integrate our know-how beautifully with their experience in networking and security. Thanks to satellite connectivity, our plants are now constantly monitored and guarded.


Automation Systems Division Manager, Remote Solar

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